RAPPER, AND MORE. Born Vivin John, I now go mononymously as Vivin. I create (desi) rap records and make creative stuff with an intent to entertain and help you level up. I am signed to Vexillo, a record label I founded in 2019 to release music and my creative endeavours. All my records are bilingual (Hindi and-or English), for my local and-or global audience. Chandigarh (India) is my HQ. I have always been here. I am a Christian Malayali, though. I am technically the epitome of being an immigrant, a minority, and in some cases an outcast(e). Furthermore, my tumultuous finances took me through life in ghettos, slums, and gated communities. All these circumstances led me through a life where I experienced all kind of rights and wrongs. I have seen everything, from faith to drug trade, being a polymath to life of crime, philanthropy to cheating for money, and more. These experiences, through my words and instrumentations from international producers, become my records. I put everything into my records. From concept to release, designing cover art to financing the release, I put in all the work required to make the records 100% Vivin. I even number my records so you can "sort by title" and get it in chronology they were released (1. Lofi Thoughts, 2. Jallad..) Take some time to listen to my records, available on all major streaming platforms. Now, rappers aren't considered much more than rappers. I am trying to do more, though. I write on life, work, career, productivity, money and other interesting stuff, including video and photography pieces. These are all beyond my rap records. With the intent to entertain and help you level up, these pieces are on constant content flow on my socials and website. Do check it out along with my music. I invite you to follow me on social media (@vivinvexillo on all major platforms) and check my website/blog (type vi.vin in your browser). This will help you to get constant access to new updates and content. Waiting for you to HMU on your favourite social. Peace!



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